2021 – Miyawaki Planting in Colombes – Z Tower

After 1 year

Planting period: November 2021


Note: a (very) urban plantation! The Miyawaki plantation in Colombes was initiated by the new municipal team to convey the vision of the district’s new urbanism: at the foot of the Z tower, a symbol of historically very mineral urbanism, a mini-forest is being planted solely with local residents: residents of the tower, children from the nearby Langevin-Wallon recreation center, passers-by, and even a few brave volunteers from the nearby retirement home!

Planting location: intersection of allée Robespierre and rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Colombes (92)

The plantation is located on a former spit of land sandwiched between two roads, often used as an unauthorized parking lot, according to the locals (who are clearly not very happy with this situation). The site is located at the foot of a very tall residential tower, “Tower Z”, so named because it was to be the last of its kind in the city. There was therefore a desire on the part of the municipality to mark a turning point in the urban planning projects undertaken under the new mandate, and the participatory nature of the method offered a perfect opportunity to invite residents to take an active part in creating a new landscape right down the road from their homes.

GPS coordinates : 4.901457131966713, 45.724079873145115

The planting in pictures

Planting in November 2021

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Évolution du site au fil du temps

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