2021 – Miyawaki Planting in Lyon, Parc de Parilly

After 2 years

Planting period: March 2021


First planting of the Lyonnaise root, thanks to the support of Lyon MĂ©tropole. A project that took place in the Parc de Parilly in record time (less than a year from the initial idea to implementation) and attracted the attention of neighboring communes, as demonstrated by the projects that followed.
The trees are showing great vigour!

Planting site: Parc de Parilly, Lyon (69)

The planting site is located in the large Parilly park, near the water tower in the heights overlooking the racecourse, in the allĂ©e des robiniers. A small sign indicates the site: if you suddenly see an explosion of vegetation along the path, you’re probably there! The site belongs to the Metropole de Lyon, a partner in this first project in the Lyon region.

GPS coordinates : 4.901457131966713, 45.724079873145115

The planting in pictures

Before planting: preparing plants and soil

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Planting in March 2021

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Evolution over time

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