2021 – Miyawaki Planting in Lyon, Parc de Parilly

After 2 years

Planting period: March 2021


Located to the north of Parc de Parilly (allĂ©e des robiniers, Bron) and planted in early March 2021, this is the oldest Boomforest plantation in the Lyon region. The project was carried out jointly with the Metropole de Lyon and the park’s management. 

Featuring 30 local plant species (listed below) and measuring 200m², this plantation was created with the participation of around 120 volunteers, including a primary school class. It is subject to regular monitoring, which will intensify in 2024 (density, biodiversity surveys, growth, etc.). The density of 3 trees per m² has been maintained, and the vast majority of plants have survived frost and drought. The tallest elms exceed 4m, less than 3 years after planting.

Planting site: Parc de Parilly, Lyon (69)

The planting site is located in the large Parilly park, near the water tower in the heights overlooking the racecourse, in the allĂ©e des robiniers. A small sign indicates the site: if you suddenly see an explosion of vegetation along the path, you’re probably there! The site belongs to the Metropole de Lyon, a partner in this first project in the Lyon region.

GPS coordinates : 4.901457131966713, 45.724079873145115

The planting in pictures

Before planting: preparing plants and soil

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Planting in March 2021

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Evolution over time

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