Experiment with an open-source planting method

The Boomforest association was born in 2017 to enable a “sustainable and open-source forest” planting project to be carried out as part of the City of Paris’ Participatory Budget. Subsequently, as this initiative generated sustained interest (14,329 voters), the association structured itself to give a shape to this project and trace a continuity between our experience and those of future projects, whether they originate from the association directly or from other friendly collectives.

The desire to disseminate what we have learned horizontally is inspired by the open-source computer code movement, and infuses everything we do: everyone must be able to understand the method, reproduce it and adapt it to their own context, so that others can do the same. Transparency, sharing and accessibility of data are key points in our approach: we firmly believe that plantations should not become the preserve of certain companies, guarantors of mysterious and miraculous knowledge – on the contrary. Let’s experiment, let’s test, but always, let’s search!

Taking action and spreading the word

The association’s objectives are based on two main pillars:

  • engage physically in new experiments, to constantly improve our understanding of the challenges of the Miyawaki method;
  • share our experience to help others who want to do the same.