Anyone can plant a mini-forest around their home

Useful documents to get started

Anyone can start restoring the natural ecosystems around them. It was this conviction that inspired our first project, and above all our associative project: by sharing the information that has been useful to us, we are convinced that everyone will be able to experiment in turn, adapting to the context and improving what can be improved.

Botanist Akira Miyawaki’s planting method is accessible to everyone, and he himself has consistently encouraged people all over the world to get started as soon as possible.

“One way to help reduce environmental disease and secure our future is to plant more trees. It’s something each of us can do, anywhere, starting now.”

— Akira Miyawaki et Elgene O Box, The Healing Power of Forests

Cooperation and sharing are the only way to meet the challenges of the years ahead.

On this page you’ll find all the documents you need to launch your own project.

We’ve put together here everything we would have liked to have found when we launched our own first project, enriched by what we’ve been able to learn and co-construct over the years: remember, nothing is set in stone and there’s no magic recipe, which is what makes experimenting with the Miyawaki method so interesting and enjoyable! You’ll always be in the best position to adapt it to your own context, your own objectives.

Useful documents to talk about the project: pedagogical, Miyawaki method and others

In the course of our work, we’ve created a number of documents to communicate our projects to a variety of audiences, especially schoolchildren.

 Below you’ll find examples of graphics, photos, posters and session descriptions that may inspire you. Don’t forget: the more personalized you are, the more relevant you’ll be!
Note: we are sorry that all these documents are not yet available in English language. If you wish to help us translating us, please feel free to send us a message through the contact form 🙂

Useful documents for launching your project - free to download