A federation of planters!

For us, planting is a collective act that forms part of a continuum. Continuity of practices, continuity in time, continuity in space, continuity of actors: citizen planting is part of a wider ecosystem, and our journey has brought us into contact with many other committed collectives with whom we have more or less close ties. Here are a few of them, with whom you may also have the opportunity to exchange views!

Participatory and citizen forests

We bet on the participative dynamic to efficiently create mini-forests all together using the Miyawaki method. The association itself was born following the 2016 edition of the City of Paris’ Participatory Budget, in which we, volunteers and sympathizers were preparing to create the first Miyawaki mini-forest in France.

In the course of the adventure, the network of participants in the design and deployment of these projects has grown in other towns in France and Europe too, and beautiful friendships and relationships have been born out of this process of exchanging experience and practices.

In some cases, citizen groups have also founded associations, in others they have organized themselves into collectives, and in others they have joined Boomforest and operate in a local group in their town. Here are just a few of the groups that make up the strong federation of planters that exists today.

YACABA Collective

Niort (France, 79)

YACABA - Niort

Ariane and the Niort volunteer planters have planted two mini-forests in their neighborhoods.

We first met at the Porte de Lilas Boomforest planting in 2019.

Citizens Forests

Hamburg, Germany

Citizens Forests

German association for the creation of participatory mini-forests in Hamburg.

Pascal and his friends created their first mini-forest using the Miyawaki method in early 2019 and then followed up with others in their neighborhoods.

Semeurs de Forêts

Enghien-les-Bains (France, 95)

Semeurs de forêts

Cette association achète des terrains pour les protéger juridiquement, avant de replanter sur de vastes surfaces.  

États sauvages

Paris (France, 75), Vosges (France, 70)

États sauvages

A non-profit organization under the French law of 1901, ETATS SAUVAGES aims to encourage and strengthen the positive links between Man and Nature.

ETATS SAUVAGES acquires endangered forests and protects them by leaving them to evolve freely, including a 4.3-hectare forest in the Vosges.


Pau (France, 64)

Arboretoom - Pau

Liken association's urban afforestation project. Each plantation is organized on a participatory basis to create a social bond around this action aimed at combating global warming and the erosion of biodiversity. Each grove is designed as an educational tool to raise awareness of ecosystem interactions.

Projet Silva

Tarn (France, 81)

Projet SIlva - Tarn

Yann and his collective have been planting once a year since 2018 on large areas of private land, always in a participatory way




This Japanese federation of passionate planters meets throughout the archipelago to organize large-scale participative plantations. Their generosity and dedication were very inspiring for the Boomforest members who were able to meet them.