2019 – Miyawaki Planting in Paris – Porte des Lilas

2 years later

Planting period: november 2019


Following on from our first planting along the Boulevard Périphérique in Paris, we were able to carry out this second project at the Porte des Lilas in Paris, again in partnership with the City of Paris. The mobilization of volunteers was massive, despite the pouring rain.

The development of this plantation was slightly delayed compared with our first project and those to follow, for several reasons:

  • the planting area is on land inaccessible by vehicle, so we had to take advantage of a night-time blockage of the ring road (planned for maintenance work) to be able to move the machines from the road, but the soil work had to be done under severe time constraints, and could not be as thorough as on the other projects. The soil and soil improvers were less homogeneous, making the ground less favorable than usual for optimum tree growth;
    the almost constant rainfall during planting made operations difficult, particularly in the clay soil, which was not conducive to such massive planting;
  • the almost constant rain during planting made operations difficult, especially in the clay soil, which was not very suitable for such a massive planting;
  • the year 2020, crucial in terms of site maintenance to prevent overgrown weeds from overtaking the trees, was one of containment, keeping volunteers away from the plot.

These factors combined explain why the plantation has fallen behind in terms of tree growth. However, the trees are still doing well and growing at their own pace, while biodiversity in the area has been significantly boosted.

Planting site: 20th arrondissement of Paris

The plantation is located along the Boulevard Périphérique, near the Porte des Lilas, on a plot of land managed by the City of Paris, along a small path forbidden to traffic, even pedestrians (it’s a dead end anyway), close to the Cirque Électrique.

GPS coordinates : 48.87577, 2.41041

The plantation in pictures​

Plantation in 2019

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Evolution over time​

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