2022 – Miyawaki Planting in Vénissieux, parc de Pressensé

After 4 months

Planting period : february 2022


At the end of the small Francis de Pressensé square in Vénissieux, a 300 m² micro-forest was planted in February 2022 with the participation of around 120 people. Containing 45 local species, it will provide local residents with a grove to enjoy birdsong and summer shade. Unfortunately, its growth has been slowed by trampling and particularly aggressive bindweed, but the plantation is doing well and developing.

Planting site: Square de Pressensé, at the far end of the park, on land previously covered with lawns

Coordonnées GPS précises : 45.72524, 4.86254

The planting in pictures

Planting event in february 2022

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Évolution du site au fil du temps

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