2022 Miyawaki Planting in Nelson Mandela Park, Saint-Priest, Lyon area

After 1 year

Planting period: march and november 2022


The planting took place in two stages in Saint-Priest’s Parc Nelson Mandela: the first in February 2022 on a 300m² plot, welcoming over a hundred volunteers, and the second in November of the same year, on two islands of 100 and 150m², welcoming around 80 people. Growth is going well on the whole, even if it is in full sun and has suffered from drought and heat over the past two summers.

 Planting site: in Nelson Mandela Park, on slightly chalky soil. Signs indicate the locations

 GPS coordinates: 45.69142,4.94246

The plantation in pictures

March 2022

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Second planting in november 2022

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Site evolution over time

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