2023 – Miyawaki Planting in Chevilly-Larue (94)

Après 5 mois

Planting period : january 2023


Third planting carried out with the Val-de-Marne department in Chevilly-Larue, on a total surface area of 800m², beside a road. The participative planting took place over a limited period of two days, after which the department’s agents took over to complete the planting of the plot.

Planting site : beside avenue  Guynemer, in Chevilly-Larue (94)

The planting took place on a lawn located between a row of roadside trees, and a clump of spontaneous trees and shrubs on the east side. The soil was turned over and enriched by the department before planting.

GPS coordinates : 48.76246, 2.3401

Plantation in january 2023

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Evolution of the site after planting

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