2023 Miyawaki Planting in Cergy Wood #2

Planting period: january 2023


Second planting in Cergy-Pontoise, carried out as part of the regional participative budget, with the participation of the CommunautĂ© d’AgglomĂ©ration de Cergy-Pontoise. The project was carried out in partnership with the Science Nomade association, which introduces children to science in an original and fun way, and Etudemploi, a local job placement association that we met during the first project. Children from schools located around the wood took part in the planting and in nature discovery workshops in the wood.

Planting location: Cergy wood, Cergy-Pontoise (95)

This second plantation in Cergy Wood is located not far from the first plantation site, this time next to a playground. The first site, which had been planted experimentally on untouched, unamended soil in a relatively shaded clearing, showed slower growth than our other plantations. In order to better understand whether it was shading or the nature of the soil (relatively sandy, despite superficial forest litter) that could explain this slower growth, we decided to vary one of the two parameters for the second plantation: this plot is better exposed (due south) than the previous one, but we remain on a soil whose composition has not been modified.

The site is close to a playground, and the trees run the risk of not being seen or respected by users: in this kind of situation, it’s vital to mark out the area with a ganivelle (small wooden barrier) and appropriate signage. Despite several reminders, the services in charge of managing the wood have not yet put these devices in place. It’s a shame, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for the longevity of these trees, planted in particular by local schoolchildren.

GPS coordinates: 
49.02401, 2.07494

The planting in pictures

Planting in January 2023

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Évolution du site au fil du temps

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