2022 Miyawaki Planting in Villiers-sur-Orge


Planting period: November 2022 to present (still in progress)


A very citizen-driven plantation that thinks big! On the municipality’s “Coulée verte”, several citizen consultations were held to co-construct the new development of this natural space. The installation of beehives, benches, orchards and the enhancement of biodiversity through the planting of a mini-forest were all proposed and implemented by the municipality, together with Cœur d’Essonne Agglomération. This is how the green corridor officially became the “Coulée Douce”!

Every year since 2022, no less than 2,000m², or some 6,000 trees and shrubs, have been planted collectively, with the lively participation of local students and other local establishments, from schools to colleges. It’s a convivial planting, full of energies that cross and enrich each other.

Planting location: La Coulée Douce de Villiers-sur-Orge, Essonne

The plantation is located in the green corridor of Villiers-sur-Orge, at the Z.A. de la Pointe à l’abbé, south of the Route de Chasse, along the Chemin des Mulets. The site is classified as a “Espace Naturel Sensible” and consists of former farmland that has been abandoned for several years. The ecological succession of the site is already underway in certain areas, where shrubs and trees have already begun to recolonize the environment: the aim of the planting is to accompany and reinforce this dynamic.

The soil, which is essentially clay and still contains a large amount of gravel from past use (stones, debris probably from the surrounding activity), has not been overworked or heavily amended, in order to respect the existing balance of the environment as much as possible.

Precise GPS coordinates : 48.66264844392321, 2.295292161753838

The planting in pictures

Site situation before planting

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Click on the images to see the caption

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