2022 – Miyawaki Planting in Vénissieux, Boulevard du Docteur Coblod

After 6 months

Planting period : december 2022


This is the latest planting to be carried out in Vénissieux, covering 300m², but this time on the edge of a soccer pitch (less accessible than the avenue Pressenssé park).

45 local species have been growing there since December 2022.

As the planting area is not protected by a ganivelle, the trees suffer from trampling by pedestrians who “cut” the path to get to the stadium more quickly.

Planting location: along Boulevard du Docteur Coblod, just before the entrance to Rue du Docteur Coblod, between the road and the Laurent Gérin stadium.

Coordonnées GPS précises : 45.69751, 4.89548

The planting in pictures

Planting in december 2022

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